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If you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2013, you would now have enough to buy an average home in Philadelphia — and enough to completely furnish it through one of Snoop Dogg’s favorite retailers. You could even buy that furniture directly with Bitcoin, thanks to rapidly growing support for the digital currency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today. Read onward to find everything you need to get started with crypto, whether it be a thorough Bitcoin guide or a detailed look into the most promising altcoins. Or check out this special presentation for details on how to become a member of the world’s first Crypto Investor Network.

Celsius Network Hampered by One-Two Punch of Harsh Accusations

The Celsius Network is facing new controversy as regulators claim the company misled investors and the cofounder files his shares as "worthless."

Voyager Digital Set to Offload Remaining Assets, VGX Crypto Soars

Voyager Digital is getting ready to auction itself off to the highest bidder, pulling it out of bankruptcy and elevating the VGX crypto.

Curve Finance Unveils Plans for New crvUSD Stablecoin

Curve Finance is taking steps into new territory for DeFi platforms, unveiling early code for the first ever DEX-native stablecoin.

Binance Drops Support for Market-Leading Stablecoin USDC

Binance announced today that it would be dropping support for USDC, one of the most-traded stablecoins on its platform.

6 Alternative Cryptos to Consider for the High Roller

With so much attention paid to the major cryptos, contrarian investors may want to strategize with some compelling altcoins.

7 Cryptos to Watch as the Blockchain Gets an Upgrade

With the Ethereum Merge scheduled to materialize in a few days’ time, these are some of the major cryptos to watch.

Russia Crypto News: Bank of Russia Backtracks on International Crypto Payments

This week's Russia crypto news sees the country once again discussing crypto payments, presumably to evade sanctions from the U.S. and Europe.

Ethereum Classic Prices Pop Ahead of Rival Ethereum’s Merge Upgrade

Ethereum Classic's ETC crypto is seeing a sizable price boost as miners start to shift their efforts from ETH mining to ETC.

3 Cryptos That Could 10X by 2032

Investors looking for cryptos that could 10X certainly have a wide range of options to consider, but here are three top picks.

Crypto News: Stablecoin Bill Likely to Hit a Wall in Congress

A big piece of crypto news rippling through the market deals with a major stablecoin bill that is unlikely to progress until next year.

Binance Caught in the Middle of Regulatory Scrutiny by SEC

A new report suggests that the SEC has been investigating the Binance exchange's operations as far back as 2020.

Celsius Network Looks to Return Customer Funds, Reversing CEL Crypto Losses

The Celsius Network is seeing CEL crypto prices fly upward in response to its motion in court to return $50 million in user funds.

Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will a Robinhood Listing Take the ADA Crypto?

Cardano (ADA) price predictions are worth checking on Friday after the crypto saw several positive catalysts with more on the way!

Terra Classic Staking Makes LUNC Crypto a Screaming Buy

Wealth-building opportunities with Terra Classic could help this downtrodden crypto finally get its mojo back.

3 No-Brainer Cryptos to Buy If You Have Money to Invest

These three no-brainer cryptos to buy are tokens which have been beaten up by the market, but which provide intriguing upside potential.

COIN Stock Alert: Coinbase Falls on Reports of Withdrawal Delays

Coinbase had an outage earlier in the day, but COIN stock came under pressure long before that development.

Terra Classic Price Predictions: Where Will LUNC Go After Major Rally?

Investors interested in Terra Classic price predictions have a lot to be excited about this week, with token burns making headlines.

Helium (HNT) Crypto Developers Want to Ditch Their Own Chain for Solana

The HNT crypto is on a downswing in response to Nova Labs developers' proposal to move Helium to the Solana network.

Michael Saylor Tax Evasion Lawsuit Stunts MicroStrategy (MSTR) Stock

A Michael Saylor tax evasion lawsuit could have a detrimental effect on a company already bludgeoned by the crypto winter.

Crypto Regulation on Biden’s Agenda After Sam Bankman-Fried White House Visit

Crypto regulation is back in the fold among Congress members. Sam Bankman-Fried is hoping to influence policy with a White House meeting.