Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Why Carvana Is One of the Worst Stocks to Own

The Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes seem to be causing a financing squeeze, and that's bad news for CVNA stock holders.

GameStop Stock Is a Hard Pass Ahead of Today’s Earnings

GME stock may eventually be worth a look as a turnaround play, but only if it falls to or below its current fair value. Until then, it's best to stay away, as its aura of being the top meme stock continues to lose its luster.

3 Cruise Stocks to Sell Now

These cruise stocks to sell are remarkably risky bets despite the removal of restrictions on sailing

3 Hot Stocks to Avoid as an Aggressive Fed Tries to Cool the Economy

These popular stocks could be among the hardest hit by the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes.

Look Out Below! How Far AMC Stock Could Drop.

AMC stock has the potential to drop to $2, as the hype over the APE shares issuance doesn't fix AMC Entertainment's financial problems.

SoFi Stock Isn’t a Dip Buy Despite Giving Back Recent Gains

Far from going up 2x, 3x, or even more, shares could deliver middling returns over a longer timeframe. With this, combined with its likely near-term trajectory, staying away continues to be the better move with SOFI stock.

7 Chinese Stocks to Sell While You Still Can

These Chinese stocks have had a rough outing at the stock markets of late, as their underlying businesses buckle under the economic pressure

Mullen Automotive Stock Offers Very Little to Electrify Investors

You have many choices when it comes to adding EV exposure to your portfolio. As many of these names are of higher quality, and offer a more favorable risk/return proposition, it's best to stick with these choices, and avoid MULN stock.

5 Stocks That Michael Burry Just Dumped From His Portfolio

During the preceding quarter, Michael Burry cashed out of eleven other U.S.-listed stocks. Let's take a look at five of his largest prior holdings, and see why he may have saw it as wise to take the money and run.

3 Stocks to Sell Ahead of the Next Big Rate Hikes

Ahead of a further drop on valuation/slowing growth concerns, consider it a good time to cash out of these three stocks to sell.

The 7 Worst Stocks to Buy During Inflation

With consumer prices remaining stubbornly high with little relief in sight, here are the worst stocks to buy during inflation.

Why There’s Absolutely No Magic Left in MEGL Stock

MEGL stock most likely rallied due to a resurgence in meme-stock mania, but don't count on a comeback happening anytime soon.

Watch Bed Bath & Beyond Stock for Extreme Near-Term Volatility

BBBY stock not only involves meme-stock risk, but an upcoming "strategic update" call could be a hit-or-miss event.

7 Stocks to Sell Before Things Get REALLY Ugly

Put these names at the top of your list of stocks to sell. Just don't wait too long or you could be facing even bigger losses.

The 3 Worst EV Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

Amid the bear market, growth stocks are getting thrashed. Here a three of the worst EV stocks to own right now.

The 3 Worst Stocks You Can Buy Ahead of a Housing Market Crash

The worst stocks to own in a housing market crash are those exposed to new home construction. Avoid these three stocks and ETFs.

Helbiz Stock Is a Hard Pass for the Smart Investor

HLBZ stock had all of the typical characteristics of a meme stock. Now it's sinking, and prospective investors should steer clear.

7 F-Rated Growth Stocks to Sell Before Q4

Challenging market conditions make these growth stocks to sell a detriment to your portfolio if you don't dump them before Q4.

Student Loan News May Not Save the Day for SoFi Stock

Don't expect the Biden administration's announced plans for student loans to send SOFI stock on a quick trip back to past price levels.

Sliding Revenue Could Shift Into Reverse

Exactly why Bill Gates' foundation bought VRM stock isn't known. What is known, however, is that Vroom is an unprofitable business.